Odometer fraud in Europe is worth around € 9 billion a year * (2 of which in Italy alone) and it affects approximately 50% of vehicles circulating in the Union.

Such illegal practice creates a chain of economic distortions that disadvantage final consumers, dealers, manufacturers, rental companies and insurance companies. Lastly, it affects the safety of circulating pre-owned vehicles.

(*) SOURCE: European Parliament Study: Odometer manipulation in motor vehicles in the EU - January 2018.
and it affects approximately 50% of vehicles circulating in the Union.

Diogene "reads" the actual mileage, without altering it in any way.

The Swiss company FGMTECH in collaboration with EVOLVEA has developed and produced Diogene: a device (hardware and software) able to read the miles actually traveled by vehicles of the main car companies*.

Diogene algorithms, also developed by FGMTECH, examine the electronic control units of the vehicle through an ODB connector, collecting and displaying all data in the software installed on the supplied PDA.

Therefore, Diogene is able to determine the real mileage of the vehicle (bypassing any previous alteration or tampering), all the while providing additional technical parameters. This solution will help containing a hidden practice, that is regrettably too widespread, returning more reliability, fairness and safety to the pre-owned vehicles market

*Diogene actually supports mileage certification services for all models of the following manufacturers: Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Citroën, Fiat, Ford, Jeep, Lancia, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Toyota, Volkswagen.

Diogene: flexible solutions to protect your customers.

We offer the Diogene Kit with two different sales options, to allow you to choose the one that better meets your needs.

Purchase of the KIT

By choosing this solution, you will have all the equipment necessary to carry out the technical inspection. Furthermore, the software will provide you additional information regarding the state of the vehicles. The solution includes the periodical software update, subject to the payment of an annual fee. Included in the offer, there is also the annual calibration of the device, useful for the technical inspections required in case of litigation.

Device as a Service

Diogene in Device as a Service mode (DaaS) is an effective alternative to the purchase of the whole kit, and an opportunity to save on management costs. It involves the payment of a fee for each inspection carried out by our Service Network, that consists of qualified technicians, all authorized to perform technical inspections. In this way, you will receive the mileage certification whenever you need it, without investing capital.


An Anti-shock Case, resistant and light to work in all conditions.

We supply the Diogene Kit in a practical and resistant ABS shockproof case of approximately 4 Kg. The thick internal padding, in polyurethane foam, protects the devices from crashes or accidental falls, while making it easy to transport the kit.